Don't hesitate to reach out during these tough times. We offer extremely affordable and reasonable prices for eliminating COVID-19 and preventing it from returning or lingering on your surfaces. We utilize Electrostatic Equipment and not foggers or misters that do nothing different than spraying Lysol over the counter spray. We advice all customers to do their research before choosing a company to come out and decontaminate because there are many things to look for like price gouging from new cleaning companies, impossible claims, unhealthy disinfectant solutions, uninsured or unexperienced technicians. Make sure to ask your questions and learn about the equipment being used because what you could be paying for is Lysol spray.

BUT, we don't mean to scare you no need to fear we have been here for 5 years and will be here for many more years offering honest and reliable services. Here's what we do for our clients to reassure them:

1. We are upfront with what solution we use because your health and ours is our number one priority. OUR SOLUTION IS COMPLETELY NON-TOXIC AND HARMLESS EVEN TO KIDS.

2. We do not charge ridiculous and unreasonable prices. WE HAVE SEEN COMPETING BIDS 10X THE AMOUNT WE QUOTED.

3. We offer real references that have used our service for years.

4. Our solution is completely non-toxic and has been used to sanitize for generations.

5. We utilize the most expensive and reliable equipment in the United States. WE DO NOT USE FOGGERS OR LANDSCAPING EQUIPMENT TO APPLY OUR DISINFECTANT.

6. Our Electrostatic Equipment allows our disinfectant solution to stick to surfaces for 3 weeks!

  Jeff Hargrove 


"Outstanding service and professionalism! Responsive to every requirement that we discussed. Will NOT hesitate to use Simply Pure for any future cleaning needs." 

Kathy Robnett


"Hired him for a property clean up and with Texas weather this was definitely a challenge but Daniel came back as much as needed to make me happy. Thanks for your service."


 Diana Younts


"Simply Pure does a fantastic job! Daniel and his team are so responsive, flexible, and care about what they do. I can always count on Simply Pure to get the job done, as well as, check back to ensure everything was done to my expectations."

Vickie Summers


"Daniel and his team are excellent! They are flexible and operate their business with true integrity. I highly recommend Simply Pure!"

Pam Craig


"Always so nice and do such a good job!! Would highly recommend, always so accommodating!!"